I thought is was time to celebrate our pending 10 000 views on the Alleva printmaker blog since we started back in 2011, (as Little paper Tree). I know it's not a lot compared to other blogs but it's a good start! 

So, while I crack open a bottle of champagne when we reach the mark - I want to give one lucky Alleva printmaker fan a special present.

A gorgeous Blackbird singing brooch.

All you have to do is write a comment below in the comment section and tell me why you like this brooch and/or what is your favourite Alleva printmaker item. Maybe there is something on your wish list? 

If you feel inclined to share, please do.

The winner will be drawn when we hit 10, 000 views.

Good luck!

Katie x


  1. I love the blackbird Singing brooch and will be wearing it to work tomorrow! I wish I could frame all my work on paper and cover my walls in framed work.

  2. My wish list is long and my thoughts fly high in song, just like the Blackbird. I like the print, actually Katie I am liking a lot of your work both for it's crisp textural feel and it's high quality technique. Keep it up and I will keep supporting your creative flight.

  3. I love birds (as you know) but I adore this brooch because of it's simple design with the delicate details. It's so original. And to read on your page how much work goes into creating this from idea to brooch blows me away. And as for my favourite piece... I'd have to say the Blackbird Limited Edition Print of course :-)
    - Renae Elsie Georg

  4. Thanks so much gorgeous women!!! Thank you so much for your support Ruth - you made my day today - :) and Lovely Renae for your enthusiasm. Katie x -

  5. I saw your post on my news feed and had to click over to read about your work! I love your clean and simple style,this blackbird brooch is so clean and simple yet detailed and birds are always cool. I also like your cyan-shpere card with your use of materials color.

  6. Thank you so much Henna for your comment! I popped over to your blog and its look like a fantastic blog dedicated to showcasing so many talented artists, crafters and designers. Amazing.

  7. i love this brooch because the print looks amazing!

  8. Thanks for your entry Jennifer~~~~


  9. Okay, we have a winner! Hooray!!! I wrote all the names out - folded and put in a container and my husband picked a winner out..........and the winner is: Ruth!!!!! Thank you everyone for entering. xxx


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