GIVEAWAY on our facebook page

CLICK THROUGH to our Facebook Page - Alleva Printmaker to enter our Giveaway.

Please note: The giveaway tab is on the top right of our page near the shopping cart and it is turquoise in colour and says, Tree of Life GIVEAWAY, Alleva printmaker. You just need to enter your details to enter so I can email the winner in two weeks time. Also, this is the legitimate way to run a giveaway on Facebook. We are required to use a third party to follow Facebook's Rules.

If you would like to read more about Facebook's rules click here for an informative article.

Feel free to enter as many times as you like and it would be grand if you dropped by and 'liked' our page. The Giveaway prize is a Tree-of-Life jewellery pack of our very own Alleva printmaker range. When you enter you will see pictures of the prizes.

There is only one winner and your privacy and details are protected and respected.


Katie x


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