Bird & Stone, Metaphors & Similies

'Bird & Stone' is a new series that has evolved not only from the recent friction caused from changing and re-branding our name but also from the reality check that not all things are as they seem. 

The idea for 'Bird & Stone' anchors itself somewhere within the duality of the sea, one day calm and peaceful and the next day wild and treacherous, and therefore is used as a metaphor. On a deeper level this work responds to our amazing capacity for resilience in times of hardship. 

This work also investigates the concept of 'authenticity' and questions the grey area between the original and the platitudinal. Sometimes the vision is blurred by 'smoke and mirrors' and at other times it's like the clarity of looking at the stars from on top of a mountain on a clear, balmy summers night.

The boat you were navigating through calm sunlit waters turns unknowingly towards the peril of the rocks. There is pressure on all fronts, a heavy gale at the back, a strong wind ahead, currents twisting and churning. There is no escaping the inevitable storm ahead. Or is there?

Right in that moment you are suspended, thoughts of longing dissipate. The senses are heightened.

2013, By Katie Alleva.


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