Staying true to my name.

We have changed our name! Well - we are still in changeover mode and trying it out. It may still change but for now I am Katie Alleva

I like the tag of 'print-maker' because it's like a play on the current 'maker' movement and I am also in the process of categorising my work as I work in many mediums and therefore I am looking at an array of names and titles for each edition or series of work.

If you head on over to my shop you will see what I have started to do. I hope to change over the names with the seasons. That is if life doesn't start taking over my zest for creating. As you know, life is constantly changing and throwing a few curve balls for us to catch or dodge. 

Things may slow down here for a little while as I log off from the online world and start working in our local art gallery over the next month on a casual basis. I am looking forward to working on the flip-side of the creative world. A blog, a website, social media or an online project are great ways to display your work and meet new people who are working on their creative endeavors but we still cannot forget or devalue the importance of exhibiting in and/or visiting art galleries. We need to experience the artwork or beautifully crafted object on the physical plane.

One of my biggest ongoing challenges is, (due to inappropriate photography equipment and set-up), 'how do I capture the beauty and detail of my textural textiles pieces and works on paper?'

My absolute love is the 'impressed, the inked and the embossed' on gorgeous high quality 300 gram printmaking paper and the only way to truly revel in its sublime beauty is to feel it and study the raised and indented surfaces with a wondrous and curious eye and heart.

So, this year marks the year of high quality product shots. I am determined to achieve this. So bare with me as I experiment and fail and experiment and one-day succeed. :)

Enjoy every moment! 


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