Op-Shop Delight

Op-shopping is my way to unwind, my treat, my meander away from the hustle and bustle and my inspiration. I feel like I need to say thank you to the person who donated these gorgeous pieces to my local op-shop. 

These peices are so delicate and detailed and bursting with creativity and life.

The beautiful hand embroidery from a loving hand and eye.

The exquisite natural linen with vibrant reds and oranges with intricate crochet framing its glory.

A regal flower in full bloom and silky leaves hang over a wandering brown line.

A gorgeous pink rose necklace with blue crosses.

Little blue violets.

Elegant poppies with black centres.

 Hibiscus with curling leaves...

Beautiful carnations embroidered in a multitude of tones.

A pile of the most delicate and exquisite lace embroidery table centres.


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