Making original - inspired designs.

This post shares a little about the stories and inspiration behind my artwork. I hope you enjoy seeing some of the techniques I employ to realise a final and somewhat humble outcome.

What inspires my original designs?

The sunflower seedling I planted watered and cared for.

The trees in my backyard adorned with a multitude of red, yellow and pink flowers.

The sun.
(Etching and mixed media By Katie Alleva)

Particles, atoms and round things that make up the universe.
(Drawing by Katie Alleva)

The rustic clean up area of our backyard studio - the screen rests against a palm tree.

Flocks of birds flying in valleys after the rain dissipates.
(Photograph By Katie Alleva)

The women's stories that weave fine threads into ancient geometrics.

The make-shift backyard screen printing studio - hills-hoist drying rack with pegs.

The machine stitched collage of ripped and cut hand painted etchings, and digital transfer.
(By Katie Alleva)

The design printed on a canvas bag.

The design printed in yellow echoing the yellow of the flowers in the tree.

The photograph I took of a full-moon, turned to half-tone dots in Photoshop.

Then screen-printed in magenta over yellow.

The inspired brooch a work of art to wear.

The drawing of a bird for my son when he was born.
(Drawing by Katie Alleva)

The humble brooch an inspired work of art - the silhouette was created from the drawing of the bird.

The quick print session while my toddler sleeps and the rain pours - cyan on old pages from deleted library books.

The layering of inspired designs onto a reclaimed and incomplete embroidered linen tablecloth - revealing new patterns.

The interplay and magic of colours.


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