Little Abstracts - New Editions available on my shop!

'Little paper egg' - a limited edition of ten miniature prints with an archival glassline pocket. The Glassline pockets are great to store photographs or treasured paper keepsakes in. 

'Little bird la luna' is part of our new 'Little - Abstracts' body of work. Each piece is a short description of the natural environment. 

'Little paper egg' is a humble celebration of new beginnings, new life and hope. 

The bird represents our spirit or soul resting in peace on a branch under a full moon before it will fly into the unknown natural world. 

Some of the 'Little paper egg' prints were bush dyed then printed with the seed pod collograph using a Sepia ink. 

The various hand-coloured collograph prints signify the earth, the wider universe of micro and marco worlds, the circle as a soul or the cycle of the seasons and the seed the giver of new life. 

The seed is also a symbol of growth, new cycles and therefore new life blossoming in abundance even though new life can sometimes spring from chaos.

Packaging for the miniature prints: each print comes with an archival glassline pocket, is wrapped with hemp string and machine stitched into a cello bag.

All work is signed by me, dated, with title and edition number on the back.


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