Collecting, doilies, mulberries & lace for the Crochet Bird Limited Edition

There is something rather special about the veil or veils we all hide behind. Sometimes there are many layers that need to be unraveled before we can begin to see the world for what it really is and more importantly, see ourselves for what we are.

Therefore under the veil or multitude of veils we can find our true essence. The pre-loved doilies represent the sacred geometry of a feminine kind, one that has been passed down for generations. These doilies are like universal stories told by our ancestors within the weaving of a fine cotton thread. 

The bird represents our spirit or soul resting in peace on a branch before it takes flight into the unknown natural world. The various hand-coloured intaglio prints signify the earth, the wider universe and the seed the giver of new life. 

 Crochet Bird 3/20, 2012, Collograph, mulberry dyed paper and pre-loved doily and paper cut,  Katie Alleva for Little Paper Tree

Detail: Doily shadows

Doilies on the clothesline

Detail: light shinning through the doilies, the veils, sacred geometry passed down from our female ancestors.

Detail: mulberries, collected off the massive tree in the back paddock

Detail: dying doilies with a natural mulberry dye

 Detail: Mulberry dyed Hahnemuhle 300 gram paper

Detail: french lace

Drying the natural mulberry dyed doilies...

Detail: Tie dye doily

'Crochet Bird' Limited Edition of 20 birds - coming soon - November 1st 2012 


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