The birds have flown in!

The mind wanders around and within many thoughts and therefore ideas spring into the foreground. I find most advances in my practice come about from spontaneous play and the unexpected. 

I love the freedom and uncorrupted visual aesthetic of this painting and drawing by my 16 month old. It's so precious.

A little bird waits and watches as the artworks emerge. Which one will I land in?

With the advent of Spring, my senses become greedy thinking of long hot summer nights, searing heat in the day, a yellow sun and a shady tree to seek solace under.

The winter bird waits for Spring to arrive.

The cold mysticism of winter slowly dissipates as days become longer and  flowers bud on trees.

The first day of Spring and the tree is in full bloom!

The birds fly around and sing their songs - it's a peaceful afternoon of drawing and water colour painting.  The red breasted bird flew in today. She traveled all the way from Melbourne, on a card for my son's first birthday. Quit fitting that she flew onto this piece which is a collaboration between my son and I.

A special work calls for special materials. The last few drop of rose petal ink were used on the red breast. I bought this wonderfully scented ink from a Medieval looking shop near the Golden Gates of Ghiberti at the Duomo, Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore (English: Basilica of Saint Mary of the Flower) Florence in 1998. 

'Birda' based on one of Oliver's first words. Mixed media on Fabriano 600 gram paper.


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