tourquoise, tumeric, beetroot and trees

Playgroup in the morning. Baby fast asleep. Fire coals sit out on a ledge in the sun ready for tomorrow.

Proofing, experimenting and trying to find the best way to print this plate.

Finally a small success after 8 prints!  - the black silhouette of the tree on a lighter background. I have always been a fan of roughly wiped back plates or leaving ghosted wisps of ink. I love the black velvet like embossed tree. I can't wait to complete a little printed edition of this tree.

I found it tricky to get a nice even black tone in the indentation part of the tree, but quite like the yellow 'turmeric' dyed paper.

Hand colouring prints with ink is one of my favourite things to do. It's not dissimilar to meditation. It's just me and a whole lot of turquoise and space to fill. Love it.


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