Stacks on.

'Stacks on' is a sneak peak of new work emerging from layered moments of chaos and peace. The discovery of 'stacking' these small 'blocks' has lead to these quirky wall arrangements. Perhaps there is potential in exhibiting my new work in this way? Also as free-standing 'blocks' along side objects. The works themselves forming a 'still-life.'

Thematically my focus is 'bird, nest, tree, sun, planet, stars, space, garden, nature, earth and moon'. These elements signify 'soul' or an aspect of the spiritual or connectedness to life in identifying the relationship humans have with existence and particularly with nature. 

Each piece imbues a sense of stillness as if capturing a calm but fleeting and potentially entropic moment. There is a quality of solitude in the 'singular' canvas but as they are combined or stacked together they form a solidarity or metaphysical pluralism.


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