juxtaposing, arranging and rearranging

My work is getting there. Today I can see how all the things I have been pursuing over the last month (well really over years and years of art making) are seeking a resolution. The idea that sparked today from simply arranging and re-arranging yesterdays prints onto the mini canvases (little abstracts) is to push these further by creating a large tree collograph to fill 9 mini canvases. So, there is never a dull moment. Nothing is ever finished. It's always on the move.
Next step - tree cutting.

My aim is for these pieces to be natural, organic, earthy, rustic, and textural.  I am working towards a sustainable approach to these pieces but I admit it's tricky and takes time to source, organise and combine everything. So the next step is to purchase soy based printmaking ink. It is definitely time to shed the oil based inks from my studio and inevitably work with solar etching plates as-well.

Crude printmaking. I love this. Life is crude. Why aim for perfection when it does not exist? But can it ever be achieved? Perhaps for a second. Perfection is fleeting, always moving and always changing. Is perfection a state of mind?
The sphere that was meticulously created by applying dots to a plate with a steady hand initially contemplates how we order the world but when printed in this crude way it is inevitably revealing its true self - showing the imperfection of ORDER.


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