happy day of play

drawing and painting with my left-hand and my right brain
looking out of the window of my studio and not looking at the page
taking a new direction 
kicking the muse  
freeing myself
from the constraints of order
the brain just wants to order everything
obsessively, and compulsively

found objects
old pastels collected over the last sixteen years
what a discovery
smelled like art school as I lifted the lid 
the memories flooding in

crazy about dots and circles
texture paint
for over a year
finally the idea
was realised today
however humble
printed - a collograph of dots
 an artwork takes time to manifest
years and years

 circle interlude
(an in between changing from one work to the next)
a wise woman once explained to me
keep working on as many or more then 20 pieces 
move from each with a fresh eye

 A total breakthrough for me today
I'm in love with this piece
its vibrant and


  1. Ha the old oil pastels.. I found mine the other day. I still love the smell of oil paint and shelac, i don't mind turps too. Lots of wonderful memories of those studios... Love the birds x


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