Album artwork - WHERE THE OWL WAS

This is Little paper Tree's first commission to create artwork for an album. 

I was very excited to be asked to create artwork for Shelly Hughes' newly released album, 'Where the Owl Was'. Shelly asked me in mid 2011 when my baby was around 4 - 5 months old. I was quite busy being a full-time mum at that stage but took on the challenge of creating artwork using the theme left by Shelly - 'twig bird'. I had just dreamed up Little Paper Tree during all those long twilight hours of breastfeeding so having this goal ignited my creativity and sparked a new series of artwork.

I received 'Where the Owl Was' in the mail today! How exciting it was to rip open the envelope and see the beautifully printed CD and album booklet. 

You can get a hold of one of these fine albums from Vitamin records.


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