A few of my favourite things

The last month has been pure chaos! From good creative chaos to randomness that has made my heart sing to complete exhaustion kind of chaos where you feel as if you just can't keep up with the demands of life. 

I'd like to share some random images from the last month or two that have tickled my heart amidst the chaos.

A peacock at the Wagga Wagga Botanic Garden zoo.

Lying on my back looking up at the trees.

The sign at Woodford Folk Festival.

The large choir of adults and kids who performed, 'from little things big things grow,' at the 2011 Woodford folk festival.

The luscious street performers at Woodford Folk Festival.

Hanging out the washing to this view every day in summer at my house.

My baby crawling to the Christmas tree within minutes of arriving at Poppa's house.

Lazy picnics at the park.


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