Little Paper Tree now available at CRAFTED COLLECTABLES in Lismore.

Crafted Collectables is a 'new and fantastic interactive walk-thru mall/ gallery/ gift-store displaying the talents of ARTISTS, CREATORS and SUPPLIERS with their unique and engaging works of art, trinkets and curios for those in search of DIVERSE, INTRIGUING and HANDMADE TREASURES for ourselves, friends and loved ones.' (Kerri Porter - Owner and Director of Crafted Collectables)

Little Paper Tree is pleased to be a part of this new and exciting venture in Lismore. It's great because the artist can rent a space within the shop and the owner does not take commission. So essentially we can offer you affordable prices without the gallery commission included in our price.

We were so excited to hang our work in the recently renovated shop. Kerri has invested a lot of time and money into the new shop-fittings. She has numerous lockable glass cube cabinets, wooden shelves, clothes racks, card racks, a professional hanging system for the artwork and two tables for participating artisans to rent out and host workshops.

 'Dapple light' Intaglio and mixed media, 2011

Our little wall space, to the left of the handmade wooden chopping boards and the hand-carved ceramic pots and cacti.

'Little Paper Tree', Intaglio and mixed media, 2011


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