From the studio to shop.

The 'Little Paper Tree' series coincided with the birth of the 'Little Paper Tree' blog.  I have previously created a vast array of works on paper that incorporated a flower motif. This inspiration most likely stemmed from the past when I worked as a florist, (probably more like an l-plater florist!) in a little funky shop called Scooter Flowers.

I realised when I moved on, that I was missing flowers. Flowers are so good to work with. So I guess I decided to make my own out of whatever I had, paper and Kimono off-cuts, fragments of old etchings, coloured paper that I had collected and a roll of coarsely weaved hemp that I bought from the Bangalow markets.

It was inevitable perhaps, that the flowers turned into trees and that I was  searching for a way to combine my love of painting and printmaking and began experimenting with hand colouring prints, paper cut and texture and of course lets not forget that I recently discovered a Japanese artists named Yuken Teruya.  

I fell in love. I do this often. I fell head over heals in love with the delicately hand cut paper trees made by Teruya's hand and eye. They are so incredibly delicate. Incredibly exquisite. Their fragility is reminiscent of the current status of trees in real life. What are we doing to our planet? What are we doing cutting down our precious trees. Why do some people value money and profit over environemtnal preservation.

A tree is a symbol of absolute beauty, wisdom and life.

Tree's. Why Trees? I think it may have something to do with the new life that was created within my body. The life that grew from a tiny seed somewhere. Somehow this miracle happened. 

Trees are our planets life force. Trees are gracious, and beautiful. Trees are like clouds - a natural wonder. Like I marvel at how clouds change shape in the sky on a sunny day,  I marvel at a tree's form, it's perfumed blooming buds, its leaves with their transparent veins and the dappled light that falls at my feet.  

Trees. They are timeless and magical.

It is one thing to make the artwork and its another to feel enthusiastic and courageous enough to place the work within a context where they will be viewed by the public.......and it's another thing to make a living selling your artwork!

 Photo By Dez Hughes, Twig & Grace

The trees traveled all the way up to Twig & Grace and are waiting for someone to take them to their new home. 



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