'Red' Works.

My works on paper take time to realize themselves, like an old wooden table with years of dints and scratches. 

The background was painted when I lived in a very cool mud brick house out the back of Clunes, Northern NSW in 2005.  I remember I stored all of my art supplies in the owners large red and gold Chinese cabinet. Perhaps it was subliminal to use red and gold in these works as I fell totally in love with this cabinet and it was sad to leave it behind when we eventually had to move out. 

I loved how modern the Chinese cabinet looked yet I think it was an old piece. Not dissimilar to an ancient relic hidden in the depths of a dark cave still waiting for human life to discover it. 

This series was finally completed this year 2011 before I had my baby. The colour resonated with the luminance of all those pregnancy hormones. I discovered the large piece of painted Hanhnemuhle paper that was folded and folded and folded again somewhere in the many folders of lost art that I've carried from house to house over the years. This is what that piece of painted paper metamorphosed into.

'Flying Kingfisher', intaglio and mixed Media, 2011

'Space flower # 1', intaglio and mixed media, 2011

 'Space flower # 2',  intaglio and mixed media, 2011

 'Space flower # 3',  intaglio and mixed media, 2011

*'It's difficult at times to let go. I am after all a sentimental creature. My pieces have time and life layered. They speak of an echo from the past that is a timeless landscape. Simple, peaceful, elegant and free.'


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