Printmaking in my home studio

Before I had my baby I printed as much as I could so I had a pile of prints I could work on after I had my baby.  I recently organised an afternoon in my humble printmaking studio to build my print stockpile up. Here are some photos from that session.

I decided to focus printing one plate, a collograph I made last year using an old tea towel. I wanted to see how the textures of the fabric would print. This particular tea towel had an interesting weave pattern not dissimilar to a checkerboard.

                   Ahh ink! Extender and black ink.

Inking the plate.

                       The press is a rolling!


  1. Hi Katie not sure if you remember me from Uni, Jo.....we did the Dip Ed together.

    Just stumbled across your blog via the conartists market site...congrats of being a mum....I know all about the juggle that you're now experiencing

    was hoping to get to the market this weekend...maybe....hopefully

    "printlife" and "hairy beasties" is how I'm managing to stay creative while being mum and my shocking looking blog is happening also!

    good luck at the market, you never know I may be at a stall near you soon!

    cheer, jo olive

  2. Hi Jo, I do remember you! Thanks for being the first person to comment on my blog. It's always nice to make connections.

    I am unfortunately not doing the con markets at the moment. I realise I am still so busy with my 6 month old and working on building up print stock. However I will be going this Saturday to check out the stalls.

    I love your print work Jo. I just looked at your site. Gorgeous work. I love all the techniques you are employing. It seems that you have a lovely studio and have been productive and your a mother!! How do you do it?

    I take my hat off to mothers now that I am one. Mothers works so hard, always striving to do the best they can for their kids.

    I hope oneday to do a market and hope to catch up. Maybe the December market? xxx


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