Favourite Places - Byron Bay

Where do you go when you just want to keep driving? When you feel like you've got to get out? What do you do when you can't bear the thought of another day at home with the little one stuck in the same routine?

A spontaneous decision pointed my car to the coast and I just kept driving and driving away from the walls that can keep me from exploring the outside. As I ventured to blue waters, crystal clear skies, fluffy tree lined hills, and observed eccentric passer-byes I felt a sense a renewal and joy.

This was the view upon arrival. Not a cloud in the sky. Picture perfect. Then as I looked out to sea I could see a glistening black whale gliding through the deep blue water. What a magnificent sight.

I focused my gaze ahead of where I last saw the whale surface. The whale was heading South.

Who needs to sleep at home when you can sleep meters away from whales?

As I walked along the path that parallels main beach the ground caught my attention. It was awash with shadows of trees.

As I looked out to sea I contemplated all that had unfolded.

Byron Bay I love your ocean, your sand, your sky, your wind, your animals, your soul and your people.


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