Early Sunday morning art session - playing with light and i-phone photo apps

 'Trees, landscape and early morning shadow'

An early morning art session was a good idea today. While I was drawing the light was filtering in through the studio window and cast a shadow over my drawing. I immediately saw the composition change. It was quite spectacular. I could see that the shadow and ray of light had added a greater sense of depth to the drawing.

I worked the background with ink on primed paper and the rubbed into it with a clean cloth. What does this sound like? Yes, it is the same technique used in printmaking to rub back the ink on the plate before printing. I have always painted using this technique somewhere along the way. I feel it 'connects' me to the piece and creates a sense of atmosphere from which to build upon. I love the free brush strokes and energy needed to rub back areas.

You can see the shadow down the middle. An interesting way to play around with composition ideas and the interplay of light and dark within the work.

Another background prepped for a new drawing.

This image utilizes the Helga effect off my i-phone. I love the rich colours and shadowing around each corner.

Helga, light, shadow and drawing.

 This image has been put through two apps. The effect is a greater contrast.


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