Setting up my table for the next session

By the time I put a load of washing on, eat some lunch, hang washing out, check emails, wash up, feed, change and put baby to sleep I only manage to sit down at my art table today for fifteen minutes. It's understandable right? I mean how many great artists had four month old babies to look after while they painted the Sistine Chapel? I am not particularly going for 'great artist' status but the main ingredient you need to make art is time. I guess I have to accept my circumstance and strive to use my time more effectively. 

My table stays unchanged. I never have to pack it up for dinner, even though it would be lovely to have the dinning room table available for sit down dinners, or make excuses for my 'creative mess'. It's my space and I get to do what I want with it. So what did I do with the fifteen minutes? The following snapshots should explain. I went through some prints I printed before I had my baby, ripped some into a new more manageable size,  used a paper tree cut-out from my last session to play with various compositions, framed a tree and looked at my old work, 'Tree of Tenere' for inspiration for my new pieces. 

The beginning of a new series, 'little paper tree' an ode to my new blog.

Ripping up a print to make the individual pieces.

Getting the razor and old collographs ready to cut-out trees for the next session.

I used double sided tape to stick this cut-out tree to an old collograph and framed it.

One of the last pieces I have left from the 'Silent Space' series that was based on the 'Tree of Tenere'.

Playing with various compositions.

The pile of artwork. Framed and ready for the Con Artists Handmade Market in Lismore this Saturday.


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