Paper cuts

The baby is asleep and I have some free time to sit at my table and create whatever I can. I begin by finishing a piece that has been sitting there undisturbed for the last week when I remember an artwork by Japanese artist, Yuken Teruya.

One of his works called 'Green Economy' cleverly cries out for our world to change and focus on preserving what's left of our natural world. The work consists of little cut out trees on real paper money. The trees are bent upwards but are still connected to the note. This creates the effect of a paper money forest. 

The concept is so simple and the work is actually visually beautiful. The artwork embodies a powerful and important message, to not always strive for a singular path of monetary gain and if we choose to focus purely on making decisions based on economics then at what cost to our environment? Teruya reminds and perhaps warns us to protect our natural world which is the essence of the survival of the human race. 'Green Economy' is an ode to the ancient Native American Indian Cree proverb:

Only when the last tree has died
and the last river has been poisoned
and the last fish has been caught
will you realise that you can’t eat money

Inspired by Teruya's work I began experimenting with architectural drafting film and some old prints and explored the interplay of light, shadow and depth that can be created by using the 'cut-out' method.


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